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I was able to make it back into the USA from Australia on March 29th. I am safe and healthy at home, and will be self-isolating for the coming weeks.

With the Current Pandemic the World is facing, we have Suspended Guide Operations until the Circumstances have ceased. 

Mono & Inyo Counties have also asked Non-Residents of the area to please stay at home. Mono County has the highest per capita cases of COVID-19 per county in California. 

We all want to get out and enjoy the beautiful outdoors that the area has to offer, but if we all leave them be for the time. We will back on the water and through these very tough times sooner. 

I will be Available during the daytime hours to talk about setting up trips for after the pandemic ceases, and also answering any questions that you have regarding anything fishing related. I will most likely be sitting at the tying bench restocking flies for the summer months!

I have also changed the business phone number, the new phone number to contact me at will be (760) 709-6574. I will still receive calls on my other number for the time being. 

The Eastern Sierras received a great accumulation of Snowfall during March. This will equate to a longer period of runoff this coming season, which is always great for our fisheries. 



I am very excited to get back out on the water with you this season to come! Let's all Stay at Home, and help end this terrible pandemic, so we can continue to enjoy the beautiful world we live in! 





Please Call or email if you are interested in booking trips between May-December 2020


Pending Current COVID-19 Circumstances

I am also happy to share with you that I will have another Phenomenal Guide joining me for the 2020 Season! 


His name is Alex Fillmore he is a very knowledgeable fly fisherman, and a great instructor. He will be a phenomenal guide to spend days on the water with! He has been an employee at Ricks Sport Center in Mammoth for the past 5 years!  I am sure that he will be able to show everyone what the Sierra Troutdoorsman experience is all about! 

East Walker River


Flows: 74 CFS Outflow from Bridgeport Reservoir






I will have an updated report after the Current Situation has subsided. 


Report from March 2nd


The Flows are slowly starting to come back from the winter flow rates. Once the flows hit the 100cfs mark I will be back out on my favorite river in the sierras! I am very excited and looking forward to spending another great summer on one of the best tailwater fisheries in California with you! If you haven't came and fished the east walker it is a must and will definitely have you coming back. 


















Crowley Lake 

I will keep you updated on any information that I receive regarding the Opening of Crowley lake this season. As of now it seems like the earliest the lake would open would be May 1st, we will have to wait to see. I am excited to get back on the lake when it opens, and find some beautiful trout!

Thanks to everyone who came out and made it another Great Season on Crowley Lake, I am looking forward to the 2020 season!





















Upper Owens River

Flows: 96 CFS Above HC Confluence

             102 CFS Below HC Confluence

Dries: Parachute Midge, Mercers Missing Link, Comparadun

Nymphs: Psycho Prince , Fusion Nymph,  Rainbow Warrior , Hares-ear, San juan worm, Egg-patterns

Streamers: Sam's Baitfish, Bunny Leech, Seal Buggers, Olive Zonker, Simi-Seal leeches


I will have an updated report after the Current Situation has subsided. 


Report from March 2nd

The winter run of lake run rainbow trout is coming to and end and all though there are still a few migratory fish around many have began to make their way back to the lake. The Dry fly fishing for the resident trout and the occasional migratory fish has been awesome mid day on. There has been a variety of insects hatching for the trout to choose from. The BWO hatch has been great, especially on the cloudy overcast days, and the spring caddis have began to make an appearance as well. If you want to match the hatch bring some BWO's in size 16-18 and Adult Caddis imitations and get ready to have a blast.











Pyramid Lake, Nevada


Currently Closed Due to COVID-19

Flies: Balanced Leeches , Midges, Mahalo Nymph, Booby Flies, Beetles, Buggers, Game-Changer


Lets Hope that the lake re-opens before the closing date of the season, which is June 30th. This is actually a great time for a break in the fishery as many of these trout begin to spawn during the month of April. The fishery should be able to record some data about how productive the spawning can be when the lake is not fished during April, versus years when it is open and fished heavily. 

Lets get out on the Lake and Search for your next Giant when the Lake Re-Opens!


If you would like to come out and experience this World Class Fishery, or have any questions regarding Trip Details or Accommodations Contact me by Phone at (951) 764-7146

























































Lower Owens River

Flows: 126 cfs

Dries: Comparadun, Baetis Sparkle Dun, Sprout Baetis, Griffiths Gnat, Parachute Midge

Nymphs: Hogans S&M Nymph, Caddis Pupa, Rainbow Warrior, Caddis Larva, Cdc Pheasent Tail

Streamers: Pheasant Rump buggers, Rj Special, Zoo Cougar, Matuka, Gray/Silver Buggers

I will have an updated report after the Current Situation has subsided. 


Report from March 2nd

The Lower has been fishing great this past month, and is still the best match the hatch trout fishery in the sierras at this time. We have been seeing great insect activity this spring, and the trout have been keying in on the hatches and feeding very well. The Nymph fishing has still been great in the early and late parts of the day prior to the big hatches. Tight-Line Nymphing in the upper stretches of the river has been phenomenal the past weeks and will continue until we see the raised flows of runoff. The Dry fly fishing has been best mid morning till mid afternoon and keeps you on the river without lunch until generally around 2pm. The Spring has always been my favorite time to fish the lower and it is in great shape right now!



















Hot Creek

Special Regulations: Barbless Artificial, Catch and Release Only. PLEASE DO NOT WADE!

Flows: CFS


Dries:  Barr's Hopper, Parachute Hopper, Mercers Missing Link, Hot Creek Caddis,

Nymphs: Iron Lotus, Walts Worm, Mercers Micro May, Hot Spot Scud, BTS, Zebra midge

Streamers: Muddler Minnow, Matuka, Balanced Leeches


I will have an updated report after the Current Situation has subsided. 


Report from March 2nd


The flows are still at the winter rates at the creek. Look for flows to spike as we move into the spring time and start to see some snowmelt. When the flows do spike during the spring melt many of the fish come out of their winter holding areas and begin to feed heavily on the tremendous hatches hot creek gets. It has still been a midge and bwo game this winter/spring but as we start to see some warmer weather look for the pmd's and spring caddis to make an appearance!




















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