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October 17th Fishing Report




























The First Season of Guiding at Pyramid Lake is off to a great start. Clients have been having a unforgettable experience, landing many of the beautiful fish this Wold-Class Fishery has to offer! We are already having clients return for a 2nd trip! The Weather has been great to start of October, with many days of minimal wind. There still has been some days where the lake will get windy and choppy and the right gear will keep you warm and dry. We have helped many happy clients find there Personal Biggest trout out of Pyramid and we hope to help you find yours. The Eastern Sierra Weather fall weather has still been great, with some cooler days. The aspens are changing colors and the beautiful fall foliage make a great background for a day of fishing. Crowley Lake only has 2 more weeks for boat fishing. The East Walker river is at 140cfs, which are easy wading flows, and the water clarity has improved in the past weeks. I will still be guiding the Eastern Sierra waterways & Pyramid Lake until the end of November. I will be talking December and January of this season and will begin Guided Trips on the First of February at Pyramid Lake.



October  19th-31st

November 1st-2nd, 6th-30th



Pyramid Lake, Nevada


Flies: Tungten Bunny Leeches, Deep Clouser Minnow, Balanced Tui-Chub, Game-changer

It has been a Great start to the Pyramid Season! We have been making memories and having many amazing days on this world class fishery! The Fish have still been staggered in 50-80ft of water, depending on where the schools of baitfish (Tui-Chub) are holding. The structured Tufa Ledges on the lake are still holding large schools of baitfish in water depths of 30-120ft. Some of these schools of baitfish have trout devouring them, and others seem to be void of fish. The Sand Drop-offs and ledges on the west shore of the lake are also holding fish in the 50-90ft range. The key on this side of the lake is to find beaches that have steep drop-offs, these are the beaches that are holding bait. The Surface Water temps have been hovering right around the 60 degree mark. The Warm Weather last week has caused an algae bloom on the lake and some areas of the lake have thick pods of algae. Look for this to change by early next week as there is some wind forecast for this week that should break apart the algae. The Boat Fishing has still been the best way to fish the lake with the ability to move around and find clean water and pods of trout feeding on baitfish. The shore fishing has still been on the slow side, with some anglers catching a few fish. The last few weeks of October and the month of November are shaping up to great! 



                      If you would like to come out and experience this World Class Fishery, or have any                                                                   questions regarding Trip Details or Accommodations  

                                                           Contact me by Phone at (951) 764-7146



















































East Walker River


Flows: 140 CFS Outflow from Bridgeport Reservoir


Dries:   Griffiths Gnat, Parachute Midge , Iwan-E Dun, Madam X, Chubby Chernobyl

Nymphs:  Perdigon, Blowtorch, Juju Baetis, CDC Pheasent Tail, wd-40, Rainbow Warrior, San Juan Worm

Streamers:  Zoo Cougar, Sculpzilla, Yellow bunny leeches, Bow River Bugger, Balanced Leeches


The Flows have came down again to 140cfs this is very easy wading flows. The water clarity has also improved greatly in the past weeks as much of the algae is no flushed out of bridgeport reservoir. The water temps are in the mid to high 50's and the fishing has been decent. The cooler weather days bring some great opportunities to do some streamer fishing and this is one of the best times of the year to fish large streamers on the walker. The brown trout are beginning to search for spawning locations through the entire river so please be very careful crossing the river in the shallow rocky riffles. Also, please let these fish do their thing and do not target fish located on Redds. This is Crucial to help improve the longevity of this amazing fishery. This fishery has returned to a World-Class Trout fishery after the severe drought it went through, in the past decade.  Come enjoy a day on this amazing fishery, you never know what the next cast may bring!







Upper Owens River

Flows: 114 CFS Above HC Confluence

             126 CFS Below HC Confluence

Dries: Barr Hopper,Kicking Hopper, Mercers Missing Link, Godard Caddis

Nymphs: Ascending Caddis Pupa , Caddis Larva,  Rainbow Warrior , Small Midges

Streamers: Sam's Baitfish, Bunny Leech, Seal Buggers, Olive Zonker, Simi-Seal leeches

The Upper O has been providing some great fishing the past weeks, many of the crowley lake trout are beginning to stage and move into the river for the winter months. The lower section of the river near the lake has been fishing well with perch imitations and streamers. The upper section of river is shaping up to have a great winter, with good water flows for most of the summer months this season. It has still been a nymph or steamer game on the river lately and this will continue through the winter months as the Crowley Lake Rainbows make their migration to hold in the river for the winter months. 














Crowley Lake 


Midges:  Copper Tiger, Ice cream cone, Emerging Pupa, Black Tiger

Streamers & Nymphs: Perch Fry, Balanced Damsel's, Callibaetis Nymphs

The weather on the lake has been moving into a more inconsistent pattern with some days bringing high winds and other days beautiful. With the water temps cooling a majority of the fish have moved back to deeper water in the 15-20ft depth. However there are still some fish that are chasing perch fry along the weed beds and stripping perch imitations has been providing good action. The north end of the lake and crooked creek have been the most consistent areas this fall and should continue until the closing of the lake. If you want one more chance to get out and fish the lake it is still fishing good! 
















Hot Creek

Special Regulations: Barbless Artificial, Catch and Release Only. PLEASE DO NOT WADE!

Flows: 12 CFS


Dries:  Barr's Hopper, Parachute Hopper, Mercers Missing Link, Hot Creek Caddis,

Nymphs: Iron Lotus, Walts Worm, Mercers Micro May, Hot Spot Scud, BTS, Zebra midge

Streamers: Muddler Minnow, Matuka, Balanced Leeches


The flows have receded and the winter fishing is starting to kick in. There has still been some insect activity, most are small midges. However the euro-nymping has still been proving some great days uin the tight lanes the creek has to offer. The fishing should remain good through the winter, however access will be decided by the snowfall. Lets hope for another good winter!!!




















Lower Owens River

Flows: 701 cfs

Dries: Comparadun, Baetis Sparkle Dun, Sprout Baetis, Griffiths Gnat, Parachute Midge

Nymphs: Hogans S&M Nymph, Caddis Pupa, Rainbow Warrior, Caddis Larva, Cdc Pheasent Tail

Streamers: Pheasant Rump buggers, Rj Special, Zoo Cougar, Matuka, Gray/Silver Buggers

  The Flows are going to stay at these levels if not rise in the coming weeks, as LADWP looks to move water out of Crowley and down the Owens Valley. I would recommend looking elsewhere until flows recede.








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