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We organize Guided Fly Fishing Trips by Sam Vasily, in the Eastern Sierras. All Fishing Equipment and tackle for the trip is provided in the cost below.

Crowley Lake & Bridgeport Reservoir Stillwater Trips 


Crowley Lake is World Famous for Stillwater Fly Fishing, The consistent bite from opening day till the end of the season is what makes this place so amazing. Enjoy a guided trip on our top of the line Bay Boat's in comfort, style, and safety. This trip is also a great option for families and beginning anglers as the fishing is generally easier than fishing on a river. The Midge Hatch on this lake is what makes it World Famous, and also consistent day in and day out. With Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, and Cutthroat Trout averaging 16- 20 inches. Get ready for an exciting day, your arm may be sore by the end of the trip! 

- Full Day Trip (7-8Hrs): $550 for 2 Anglers (Lunch Included)


- Half Day Trip (4-5Hrs): $400 for 2 Anglers 


- Single Angler- $325 (4-5hrs)  $450 (7-8hrs) Lunch included


For each additional Angler there will be a 75$ charge for 1/2 days & A 125$ charge for full day Trips. My boat can accommodate up to Three Anglers in comfort. Please call for Trips with 4 People.

Walk & Wade Trips


We offer Full and Half day trips to accommodate to your skill level and body of water chosen to fish. These trips are Walk & Wade trips on many of the Rivers and streams around Mammoth Lakes. This trip is designed to help you hone your skills on a local water, or learn a new technique.

- Full Day Trip (7-8Hrs): $550 for 1-2 Angler (Lunch Included)

- Half Day Trip(4-5Hrs): $400 for 1-2 Anglers


For a Third Person there will be a 75$ additional charge for 1/2 days & A 125$ Charge for Full Day Trips.

​Owens River Drift Boat Trips

Drift Fishing the Lower Owens River in my 16'' Hyde Drift Boat is a Great way to access hard to reach and un-wadeable areas! My boat can Comfortably Accommodate 2 Anglers! Best Time to Drift fish the River is Fall thru Spring.

During this Trip we Deploy Tactics such as Dry Fly Fishing, Nymph Fishing, and also Streamer Fishing! Come Enjoy a Awesome and Unforgettable Day Floating The Lower Owens!

- Full Day Float (7-8Hrs): $550 for 2 Anglers (Lunch Included)


- Half Day Float (4-5Hrs): $400 for 2 Anglers 

- Single Angler Float- $325 (4-5hrs)  $450 (7-8hrs) Lunch included

Beginner Trips


Beginner Fly Fishing Trips are tailored to teach you basic knowledge, and to make you gain confidence in your fishing abilities. My beginner trips start with a basic overview of general tackle and flies. Next, we will go to the local park and practice some basic drills so that you are ready to fish. Then, we will go to the body of water chosen at the time and hone those skills. The goal of the trip is to provide you with basic knowledge and confidence so that you can catch fish on your own!


- Half Day Trip (4-5Hrs): $400 for 1-2 Anglers 


For a Third Angler there will be a 75$ additional charge.

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