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Pyramid Lake, Nevada >>>

Home of the World's largest Cutthroat trout!

Who's ready to experience some of the world's best trout fishing without having to leave the western united states! We are excited to take you on an experience of a lifetime, fly fishing for behemoth Cutthroats!

I will be operating Guided fly fishing trips from my bay boat during the months of October-June.


Full Day Boat Charters (9-10hrs)- 750$ for 1-2 anglers 

Winter 3/4 day Charters (7hrs)- 650$ for 1-2 anglers


Half Day Boat Charters (5hrs) - 525$ 1-2 anglers

I can Accommodate up to 3 anglers, there is a 125$ fee for the 3rd angler.

Fishing techniques

Streamer Fishing

There are 2 main techniques for streamer fishing on the lake. One is more focused on when trout are feeding on schools of baitfish, while the other method is focused on trout cruising the shallows searching for a variety of food sources. When fishing bait-ball scenarios we use sinking lines with 2-4 inch fly patterns, fishing 1 single fly at a time. When fishing shallow water scenarios we generally fish 2 foam patterns on a sinking line, these foam flies move erratically when stripped and fool even the largest of fish! 

Indicator Fishing

Very effective way to catch some of the Largest fish in the Lake! Due to the fact that your flies are in the strike zone for longer periods of time, through the day. We use 10ft 6in 6wt switch rods to indicator fish on the lake. Targeting depths of 4-12ft primarily and every once in a while using sliding indicator rigs to fish depths of up to 20ft. The boat gives us access to many areas that a shore angler can not reach with an indicator set-up. Giving you the advantage to target un-fished water. We use a wide array of nymphs, midges, and balanced flies to mimic leeches and minnows.

We provide all necessary fishing equipment. Rods, Reels, Flies etc. If you would like to bring your own rods you are more than welcome to. 

What you will need

Valid Pyramid Lake Fishing License for the day(s).

Gore-Tex or Similar fishing Jacket

Polarized fishing glasses

Good Attitude & Ready to have some fun!



Fishing is an outside sport and we will still fish in weather if it's safe and conditions permit.

USCG Captain Sam Vasily is licensed by the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe to operate boat charters, also insured as a fishing guide.

If you have any questions regarding this trip please contact me by phone at (760) 709-6574

The adventure awaits, lets get out and have some fun!
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