Pyramid lake is a World-Class Fly Fishing Destination 

Located 1 hour NorthEast of Reno, Nevada.  Pyramid's 


Trout reach gargantuan size, the world record Cutthroat 

was caught here weighing in at 43lbs. This desert oasis



not only boasts some of the largest trout in the USA. But,



also has amazing scenery, from large tufa rock



formations, to beautiful sunrise's & sunset's. The Lake



varies between 4 -12 miles wide, 27 miles long and



reaches depths of up to 350 feet. The lake is owned by



The Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe. 

The most common way that Pyramid Lake is fished, by 

the fly fisherman is standing on a ladder fishing from one 

of the beaches. However, anglers are only allowed to fish 

about 80% of beaches along the west shore of the lake. 

The North, East & South shores are all closed to fishing 

from the beach. So anglers can only access around 20%



of the lake. 

With the Boat I am able to access and Guide you on about

90% of the Lake. This opens up so many areas that are 

not commonly accessed by the fly angler. This also gives 

us the ability to be able to move from location to location

with ease! I have spent many years fishing the Lake from 

the Boat and from shore. During the months I will be 

guiding the fishery, the boat provides leaps and bounds 

of not only better fishing, but a greater overall



experience for anglers. Even if you have fished the lake 

many times from shore, I am sure that you will be blown

away with what the fishery has to offer from a boat!

Pyramid Lake is Home to a few different species of Fish, 

two of which are Cutthroat Trout. The Pilot Peak 

Cutthroat & The Summit Lake Cutthroat. Both of these

species of fish were re-introduced to the lake, after over 

fishing in the early 1900's which lead to extinction of 

Trout in Pyramid Lake. The Pilot Peak Cutthroat was 

found in a small stream in the pilot peak mountain range 

by a doctor in the early 2000's. This lead the Federal

Government to help the Lahontan Cutthroat trout which,

at the time was on the federally endangered species list. 

The Government funded the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe, 

to re-grow the fishery to what it once was. Both of these 

species of Cutthroat now grow to large size, however the 

Pilot Peak Strain that was re-introduced in 2006. Has 

grown faster and seems like a much stronger species. 

These are the fish that commonly weigh in over 10lbs



and a growing number over the 20lbs mark! 

There are several other species of fish that inhabit the 

lake, and they are key to the ecosystem's success. First, 

is a species known as the Tui-Chub. This is one of the 

most important species of fish in the lake, as this 

small baitfish accounts for around 75% of the Cutthroats 

annual feeding. The Tui-Chub school together in Large 

bait-balls as a defense tactic, much like sardines and 

anchovies do in the ocean. The Cutthroat Trout act like 

Pelagic predators, as they rip through the schools of 

Tui-Chub, gorging themselves. This is something that



every angler should see and experience.

The other species of fish that live in Pyramid lake are the 

Cui-ui, which can only be found at Pyramid. Also, there 

are Sacramento Perch, however the Perch & Cui-ui are 

not a species we will target.

Come Experience this World-Class Fishery in a whole



new way!







© by The Sierra Troutdoorsman. 

Mammoth Lakes, California

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